Pricing Matters

Behind Every Number is a Story with Jim Foley

December 11, 2019 Jim Foley Season 1 Episode 4
Pricing Matters
Behind Every Number is a Story with Jim Foley
Show Notes

Jim Foley is the Pricing and Legal Project Management Director at Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP, where he oversees the pricing, legal project management, matter analytics, business intake and conflicts areas.

He has extensive experience in alternative fee arrangements (AFAs), legal project management (LPM), matter budgeting, law firm financial management and financial analysis, and is a catalyst for change within the firm.

Jim joined the firm in 1995.  Prior to his role as pricing and legal project management director, Jim was the firm’s controller and a senior business manager. Previously he held roles as controller, accounting manager and analyst at various manufacturing companies.

Jim was recently Mayor for the town of Ashland, Virginia. He is also very involved with many local community groups and has coached a number of youth basketball and softball teams.


  • Incorporating profitability into the compensation system. Helps to create accountability and transparency for client matter profitability across the firm. 
  • Becoming multilingual. There is a huge benefit to the firm when pricing, project management and analytics professionals understand each other’s language. 
  • Alternative fees may be leveling off. The growth in AFAs has slowed and appears to be plateauing around a third of all work.  

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