Pricing Matters

You Will Always Come to a Better Solution Together with Dwight Floyd

July 16, 2020 Dwight Floyd Season 1 Episode 18
Pricing Matters
You Will Always Come to a Better Solution Together with Dwight Floyd
Show Notes

As the US Chief Pricing & Value Officer, Dwight Floyd and his team work with Eversheds Sutherland attorneys and clients to provide superior value by developing and implementing creative pricing and service delivery strategies.

Value is rarely increased through wholesale discounting or telling clients what they need but instead by targeting – actually asking – clients about their specific goals and what they want to achieve. Dwight works closely with attorneys and administrative staff to increase Eversheds Sutherland’s efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, and innovation in a dedicated pursuit of delivering its client’s goals.

Dwight is a former litigation partner and a biologist who brings a different approach to some common challenges in the legal world. As in our natural ecosystem, he recognizes that everything in the legal ecosystem is connected to everything else. His challenge and goal is discovering and revealing to attorneys and clients how those connections can benefit and sustain everyone involved while still conserving resources

Dwight is rated AV by Martindale-Hubbell and is an Accredited Legal Pricing Professional (ALPP) by the True Value Partnering Institute.

True Value Partnering Institute

Find out more about the ALLP accreditation and the True Value Partnering Institute, the premier educational network for legal pricing, project management, and innovation professionals. 


  • Understand Expectations. It's the intangibles that make a successful pricing arrangement.
  • Process Orientation. Technology can help package information in a way that is easily accessible to both the lawyers and clients.
  • It's a Relationship Business. We will continue to see the growth of relationships between legal operations professionals in corporate departments and business professionals at law firms.